New video: Kenya C...

New video: Kenya CIC enables slaughterhouse to go green

In Kiserian, Kenya, Keekonyoike Slaughterhouse has found clever ways of turning waste into affordable biogas and packaging it for distribution. Now, with technical and financial assistance from our Climate Innovation Center in Kenya, the enterprising venture is working to build a biogas plant worth an estimated KSH 34 million (about $400,000) a year in sales.

“The ultimate goal,” says Keekonyoike’s technical manager Michael Kibue, “is to make sure that the local women can purchase biogas in cylinders in the same manner that they purchase liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).”

Keekonyoike is aiming its biogas at people in and around Kenyan cities, where high energy costs drive millions of people to rely on burning pollution-heavy paraffin, charcoal, and firewood to meet energy needs.

The biogas could also stem deforestation by Maasai nomads, whose primary sources of energy are currently firewood and dried dung.

Keekonyoike estimates that its biogas packaging plant will cut overall methane emissions by over 360,000 kilograms per year.

In addition, Kibue estimates that a biogas packaging plant would employ 500 people in addition to the 300 currently relying on the slaughterhouse for their livelihood.

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