New Video: Randa F...

New Video: Randa Filfili, Zena Exotic Fruits

Owned and operated by Randa Filfili, Zena Exotic Fruits, is the first Senegalese jam producer exporting “niche” and natural products, such as cashew apple butter and baobab jam to markets in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Zena Exotic Fruits initially produced a range of quality fruit spreads for the market in Dakar, Senegal, until Randa became aware of an opportunity to expand Zena’s offering. After learning that local rural farmers produced cashews for export, but did nothing with the fruit these trees produced, she worked with a team of food technologists, marketers and chefs to develop a series of "exotic" and all natural jams.

With a new model and a unique product, Zena is now able to export its all-natural cashew apple butter, among other flavors to satisfied consumers around the world.

Beyond expanding the business to produce more high quality products, Zena is invested in impacting the Senegalese community positively, as Randa says, “We strongly support job creation and women empowerment. Women represent 95% of our growing staff. In addition, our company creates jobs for the disadvantaged by employing hearing-impaired mute people.”

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