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South African government proudly showcases infoDev Climate Innovation Center (CIC) at COP-17 in DurbanSouth African government proudly showcases infoDev Climate Innovation Center (CIC) at COP-17 in Durban

South African government proudly showcases infoDev Climate Innovation Center (CIC) at COP-17 in Durban

infoDev?s planned Climate Innovation Center (CIC) for the Gauteng province was selected as one of the Top 10 Projects on exhibit at the climate summit in South Africa. The project is also highlighted in the country?s Green Economy Accord signed on 17 November 2011.

infoDev is working in partnership with The Innovation Hub of the Gauteng provincial government to establish a Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in South Africa. The South Africa Government competitively selected the CIC as one of the Top 10 projects to showcase at the climate summit (COP-17) in Durban. The shortlisting of projects was done by an inter-ministerial task team of ministers and senior officials representing a wide range of government offices, including the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Department of Economic Development. This honor emphasizes the CIC’s alignment with strategic priorities and green growth objectives at a national level.

Gauteng Climate Innovation Center banner

Photo: Niveshen Govender

Charity Mbileni, Senior Manager: Green and Sustainable Development at The Innovation Hub, stands beside the Gauteng CIC banner in the South Africa Pavilion.

By targeting entrepreneurs and SMEs, the Gauteng CIC will provide early-stage financing and technical assistance to help South African industry to develop innovative solutions to local climate challenges.  In this way, South Africa can benefit from a more proactive – and profitable – participation in the ongoing climate technology revloution through a leadership role in Africa and the world.  The CIC is slated for launch in 2012 and will substantially support the green economy, directly financing and supporting up to 115 South African climate technology ventures, and generating close to 4,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Through its participation in infoDev’s global Climate Technology Program, the South African CIC will serve as a bridge to channel international platforms, resources and best practices, while also showcasing locally-grown solutions on the global stage. The Program will include links to the six other CICs infoDev is developing in countries around the world and result in international collaboration on research, analysis, financing, and business-to-business connections for outsourcing and exports.

The Gauteng CIC is also included as a key initiative in the Green Economy Accord, signed in Cape Town on November 17 by twelve ministers, business sector representatives, green energy associations, three labor federations, and various community constituencies. These stakeholders have committed to build a greener economy in South Africa, create 300,000 jobs by in a range of clean climate industries and ensure better living conditions for South Africa’s poor citizens. This principle of inclusive growth is one of the key principles of the CIC, with many of its activities focusing on historically disadvantaged populations.

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