Two women are maki...

Two women are making a name for themselves in Senegal

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Last week was International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Each year, the World Bank recognizes women who have made an impact in their communities. This year two of our young Senegalese entreprenuer women caught the World Bank’s attention for their innovative thinking.

Both women saw a need that was not being met and found a solution to the problem. Without many resources or money they both launched their businesses, and to this day the businesses are doing well.

Aisha Dème along with her friend Alassane are the founders of Agendakar, a web and cellphone platform that promotes events, deals, and activities happening in the city of Dakar. Aisha created the platform along with four other colleagues. They each have specific roles: coding, business development, and writing articles. They rely on advertising such as web banners for revenue. It has been a success because if you ask anyone in Dakar about Agendakar they’ll say it’s the number one guide to help you get around the city.

The other rising star is Binta Coudy De, co-founder of Jjiguene, a tech hub that trains young women in computer and programming skills. It prepares them for a career in the high tech sector. Binta saw a need that was not being met by the schools or others. Women were not being taught about today’s technology. She knew women had great potential to do something in the tech field if given the right tools. Today, Jjiguene has a lab where women could stop by to learn how to code, about computer skills, and how to create mobile apps.  It has given women hope to be able to succeed in today’s ever-changing economy.

All it takes is an idea and a lot of determination and hard work to make that idea a reality.

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