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UNECE Conference in Helsinki on Policies to Address Financing and Entrepreneurial Challenges in High-growth Innovative Firms

Held in Helsinki, Finland, on June 2-4, 2010, the International Conference organized by the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland brought together around 70 participants from the public and private sector to exchange practial experiences and lessons learned.

Excerpt from UNECE Conference Report CECI/CONF.7/2

"The main objective of the International Conference was to provide a platform for a broad exchange of practical experiences and lessons learned among policymakers, representatives of business and academia, and other experts and practitioners on good practices and policies for promoting the development of high-growth innovative firms, in particular, taking into account the new conditions that have emerged after the global economic and financial crisis.

In order to reinforce the learning component of the programme, the Conference also included site visits to selected public and business institutions in Finland dealing with the issues considered at the Conference, where the visitors had the possibility to learn how these questions are dealt with in practice.

The Conference brought together around 70 participants – high-level policymakers, government experts, representatives from academia and the business sector – from 22 UNECE member States, including participants from 11 countries with economies in transition. Representatives from the European Commission and the World Intellectual Property Organization also attended the Conference.

Conference participants were welcomed by the UNECE Executive Secretary Mr. Ján Kubiš and Mr. Erkki Virtanen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland. A keynote presentation in the opening session served as an introduction to the Conference, highlighting and discussing a number of central issues that were considered subsequently in more detail in different sessions.

The discussions at the Conference were organized in three thematic sessions covering different policy areas concerning the promotion of high-growth innovative firms:

(a) “Promoting innovative entrepreneurship: policy challenges”;

(b) “Joining forces in facilitating ‘creative destruction’: public-private cooperation in innovation support institutions”; and

(c) “How future market leaders can develop their growth potential? The challenge of early-stage financing”.

Leading experts in these areas from government, international organizations, business and academia made presentations covering different related topics (available on http://www.unece.org/ceci). Individual presentations were followed by an interactive discussion with other participants in the Conference, which provided the opportunity for a broad exchange of views."

For a complete summary of discussions, please refer to the original UNECE Conference Report.

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