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What does infoDev mean to you?

"What infoDev means to me" video is posted for comments

infoDev has just posted a new video called What infoDev means to me, featuring individuals in our global network of partners sharing their experiences and views. The video was created for infoDev's Annual Symposium on 9 June, 2010 in Washington, DC and screened in front of an enthusiastic audience of stakeholders; donor agencies, partner organizations, foundations, World Bank System colleagues and development practitioners.

In a sequence of interviews and on-the-ground footage, the video gives an overview of infoDev’s work, through the words of global entrepreneurs, incubator managers, policy makers, and World Bank/IFC staff. They each explain what impact infoDev has had and make their case for what its future direction should be.

Participants include:

Dr. Mohsen A. Khalil, Director of the Global Information and Communications Technologies Department at the World Bank/IFC

Dr. Alice Kaudia, Environment Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources in Kenya

Julia Zardo, the Incubator Manager of Genesis PUC in Brazil

Dr. Walid Alturk, Secretary General of the Higher Council for Learning in Jordan

Augustin Yves Mbock Keked, owner of CADIRE Group in Cameroon

Rafael Mercado, an entrepreneur from Technopark IDI in Peru

Alassane Diange, owner of Blaise Electronics in Senegal

Valéria Braga, project coordinator of PROOCEANO in Brazil

What infoDev means to me focuses on incubation, access for all, and clean technologies. Dr. Mohsen A. Khalil was one of the interviewees, and encapsulated the key message and motivating belief in much of infoDev’s work:

“Human capital, anywhere around the world, has the same potential, regardless of gender, regardless of color, regardless of ethnic background, once it’s given the opportunity. Access to information means access to knowledge. Knowledge means opportunity. Opportunity means empowerment.”

Practically, empowerment for infoDev means using information and innovation to connect individuals and help local ventures make themselves economically productive, profitable and sustainable. By using ICTs to build capacity and partnerships, infoDev will continue to drive innovation where it is needed most.

Partnerships are at the center of infoDev’s work. This is best expressed by Valéria Braga of of PROOCEANO in Brazil who explains why business incubators and the Global Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship work:

“… we make friends. Really, I think this is very important because we like to exchange things with friends.”

Over to you. Take a look at our video and let us know what infoDev means to you.

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