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Is your company one of infoDev’s Top 50 technology SMEs?Is your company one of infoDev’s Top 50 technology SMEs?

Is your company one of infoDev?s Top 50 technology SMEs?

infoDev is looking for the Top 50 innovative, technology-led small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in our global network of incubators.

The winners will receive full assistance to attend the 2011 Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Helsinki, Finland in May 2011. They will also be matched with mentors, angels, corporate partners, and other incubators and have wonderful networking opportunities with other participants from around the globe.

infoDev is helping create access to markets and finance opportunities for the competitively-selected top 50 companies in our incubator network. This competition is open to all companies, with preference given to firms already in the infoDev incubator network – that means companies hosted by an incubator connected to iDisc. If your company qualifies, download the application forms below and enter the competition. Good luck!

Why search for the Top 50?

SMEs in developing countries, whether they create innovative technology, or use technology for transformative purposes, have few choices when it comes to financing in the $10,000 to $1 Million range. They also find it hard to find customers and partners outside their countries.

The Access to Markets & Finance initiative, an infoDev, Finland and Nokia Partnership Program, addresses SME difficulties in finding partners and finance by opening opportunities to the ready and capable SMEs in our incubator network.

What will the Top 50 get?                             

We will host our SMEs to meet their matched mentors, angels, corporate partners, and other incubators while also networking with other participants from around the globe. They will also compete for global soft-landing prizes, and funding from the World Bank and other sources in 2011. Here are some of the incentives for TOP50:

  • Global recognition as the best of infoDev’s more than 20,000 companies in the 300+ global incubator network spanning 85+ countries.
  • Travel expenses (airfare and accommodation) for one person per company to the Global Forum
  • Tremendous exhibition and networking opportunities with peers, financiers and corporate partners such as Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors/networks, Donor Agencies focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship as well and non-governmental organizations in the areas of funding Emerging Markets micro and small businesses.
  • Arranged meeting with an angel/mentor from angel networks (such as Angel Capital Association and European Business Angels Network)
  • Arranged meetings with incubators (infoDev and other networks such as European Business Network-EBN and National Business Incubators Association-NBIA) and potential company/SME partners.

What happens next?

  • March 14, 2011 - closing date for entries
  • Your application will then be forwarded to your affiliated incubator. 
  • April 4, 2011 - Your incubator may nominate your application + supporting material to the expert judging panel
  • Mid-April - The panel will select and announce the TOP50.

To learn more about infoDev's Access to Finance and Markets program, please visit  

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