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infoDev Incubation Support Center (iDISC)

infoDev works with business enablers all over the globe to help innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises grow and create sustainable jobs. As part of our effort, we have formed the infoDev Incubation Support Center (iDISC), a hub for incubator managers to share their resources, networks, and best practices. The result is a community-generated trove of knowledge that can serve as the basis for future incubation efforts.

Business Incubation Toolkit

A chief resource of the former, the Business Incubation Toolkit is the world's one-stop shop for know-how on business incubation, a step-by-step guide for incubation managers along the entire journey of launching a business enabler, securing funding, finding partners, attracting innovators, connecting them with investors, and more.

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Incubator management training

infoDev’s Business Incubation Management Training Program is delivered by infoDev-certified trainers who teach people how to launch and run an incubator. There are currently more than 60 certified trainers around the world, who have a wealth of practical experience in business incubation management and are certified to pass on their knowledge. For more information, check out the program brochure.

Best practice reports

Over a period of years, the iDISC communities of practice have distilled the unique lessons derived from their grassroots work helping entrepreneurs in various environments. Now, these specialized resources represent a strong starting point for new business-support efforts in those areas.

Flagship products

iDISC activities have yielded high-value reports at the cutting edge of business enabling. These knowledge products remain some of our most downloaded, most requested and most shared, and the lessons from the people applying them in the field continues to help us refine our operations.

All of iDISC

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