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Innovations for Scaling Green Sectors

A new report from infoDev Climate

Green sectors, such as renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, are the key to realizing sustainable growth. The economic potential is significant: Investment in green sectors in developing countries is expected to reach $6.4 trillion over the coming decade, with $1.6 trillion of that investment accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. But what does it take to promote the growth of these sectors? 

This study analyzes the common challenges that have limited the scaling of green enterprises and competitive green sectors in developing countries. It also uncovers and catalogs new opportunities that offer the potential for scale-up and growth.   

The study focuses on enterprises operating across five green sectors—climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy, solid waste management, drinking water purification and management, and wastewater management. Within these five areas, the study takes a deeper dive into seven subsectors that provide an interesting mix of business models, offer insights for other subsectors, and highlight innovative responses to the common challenges that green sectors face.

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The report was made possible through the support of the governments of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, The Netherlands, and Norway, which support the infoDev Climate Technology Program through the Climate Innovation Trust Fund.

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