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infoDev’s Mobile Startup Camp was designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage mobile entrepreneurs from emerging and frontier markets.  The five-day program of lectures and hands on workshops provided participants with an opportunity to refine their product strategies, business models and marketing pitches, sharpen their negotiating skills, and network with investors and peers.  The week’s activities will also include a Demo Day – a pitching competition before a panel of industry experts and angel investors.

The Startup Camp was part of Mobile Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Development, an initiative delivered in partnership with Sweden, aiming to bolster inclusive development by supporting mobile technology entrepreneurs to create and grow sustainable enterprises that meet local market needs.


Each day of the Mobile Startup Camp focused on a specific topic aimed at helping the entrepreneurs achieve sustainable growth of their ventures.  The morning sessions provided a conceptual overview, followed by hands-on workshops in the afternoons.

NEW!  Videos from select sessions of the Mobile Startup Camp are now available to stream.  Additional materials are also provided for some sessions.

Business Modeling Methodologies

Oltac Unsal, Senior Advisor, infoDev
What is the business model canvas and how can it help you understand, design and differentiate your business model?
Business Model Canvas.pdf

Raising Smart Capital and the Role of Mentors and Accelerators

Mike Syzmanski, Director of Business Development, MEST
What is the right type of capital for your business and how do you raise it?  What are the pros and cons of mentors and accelerators?

Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

Sam Raymond, Research Analyst, infoDev
What are the different types of crowdfunding, and what is the future of the industry in developing countries?

State of Entrepreneurial Finance:  VCs, Angels, Super Angels and the Creative Other

John May, Cofounder, New Vantage Group
What are the differet types of startup financiers, and how do they operate?
     Entrepreneurial Finance.pdf

Business Development Insights

Ernest Akinlola, Managing Partner, Right Instinct
What does 'business development' really mean, why is it important, and how can an entrepreneur get it done?
     Business Development Insights.pdf


George Voulgaris, Business Partner, Vision Mobile
How do you develop a monetization strategy for your mobile app?

Marketing and Distribution

Ernest Akinlola, Managing Partner, Right Instinct
How can you use a simple framework to develop your marketing strategy?
     Marketing Strategy Template.doc


Winners of the mAgri Challenge and 14 other of the best startups from infoDev’s growing network of business incubators will be joined by a select group of top coaches and mentors with extensive experience supporting entrepreneurs on their journey from ‘mind to market’.

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            Zubair Abubakar                                                     Ade Adebayo
            Co-founder, Pledge 51                                               Co-founder and Team Lead, Efiko
                                                                                                      Selected but unable to attend.

            Alloysius Attah                                                       Kelldick Bakorkor
            Co-founder, Farmerline Ltd.                                    Co-founder, Orgaroo

            Mwema Jacob                                                           Kate Kiguru
            Co-founder and CEO, Fomobi                                 Chief Innovator, Ukall Ltd.

            Stella Kariuki                                                            Angela Korateng
            Co-founder, Zege Technologies                            Co-founder, Trokxi
                                                                                                      Selected but unable to attend.

            Catherine Mahugu                                                 Waliaula Makokha
            Co-founder, Shop Soko                                           Founder & CEO, Jooist

            Martina Mariki                                                        Suzana Moreira
            CEO, Mobile Agricultural Alliance                       Founder, moWoza  

            Lawrence Muka                                                      Moustapha Ndoye 
            Co-founder, Umati Solutions                                 CEO, Xtreme Design and Engineering, LLC      

            Stephanie Njerenga                                               William Senyo
            Data Manager, Ma3route                                          CEO, SliceBiz

            Aboubacar Sonko                                                  Daniel Thuranira       
            Founder, Amandjine Consulting                          Co-founder, MkulimaBima    

            Roxanne Wanliss                                                 Troy Weekes
            Project Manager, meAgo                                        Co-founder, StoryVille

Coaches and Mentors

            Ernest Akinlola
                                                         Tayo Akinyemi
             Managing Partner, Right Instinct                         Director, AfriLabs

            Maja Andjelkovic                                                     Valerie D'Costa
            Mobile Innovation Specialist, infoDev                Program Manager, infoDev

            Jon Gosier                                                                  John May
            CEO & Founder, D8A and Appfrica                        Managing Partner, New Vantage Group

            Constance Tzioumis                                             Mike Szymanski                                                     
            Senior Advisor, Department of State                   Director of Business Development, MEST   

            Oltac Unsal                                                              George Voulgaris                      
            Senior Advisor, infoDev                                              Business Partner, Vision Mobile

           Ben White
           Co-founder, VC4Africa

Click here to view profiles of all participants.












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