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Press Release - infoDev establishes partnership with Brazil on ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship

Brazil to host 3rd infoDev Global Forum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship - October 2009 as part of this partnership

The partnership will explore the role of ICT, innovation and small business entrepreneurship as engines of economic growth and social empowerment and inclusion. With this partnership Brazil join infoDev's Donors Committee.

ARACAJU, BRAZIL, 24 September, 2008 - infoDev, a global program housed at the World Bank which focuses on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for development, today announced a partnership with Brazil to explore ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship as tools for sustainable development.

The partnership, announced at the official Opening Ceremony of the XVIII Brazilian National Seminar on Science Parks and Business Incubation held in Aracaju on September 23rd, 2008, will bring together the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil (MCT), the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE), and the Brazilian National Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators (ANPROTEC) and infoDev.

The objective of this partnership will be to explore the role of ICT, innovation, and small business entrepreneurship as engines of economic growth and social empowerment and inclusion. As part of this partnership Brazil will host the 3rd infoDev Global Forum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Florianopolis, October 26-30th, 2009. The Global Forum will bring together incubation professionals, small and medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, policymakers, financiers, and development practitioners to discuss how incubation supports ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship as tools for sustainable development. The Global Forum will be an opportunity for Brazil to share its rich track record of over twenty years of business incubation with the global community. Brazil and infoDev will also create a joint research and analytical agenda as well as a targeted capacity building program around ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship to cater to a growing number of developing countries seeking to emulate Brazil’s success in these areas.

“This partnership illustrates a growing trend; developing countries like Brazil have a wealth of experience and success stories which other countries want to learn from and emulate. infoDev is keen to facilitate this South-South exchange.” said Valerie D’Costa, infoDev Program Manager, speaking at the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday.

“Brazilian entrepreneurs and small enterprises are critical drivers of innovation, yet they often face considerable constraints to growth. Business incubators can be effective mechanisms for helping entrepreneurs and small enterprises grow, become competitive and create jobs. This is the experience we look forward to sharing with the global development community through our partnership with infoDev.” said Guillherme Ary Plonski, President of ANPROTEC, speaking at the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday.

With this partnership, Brazil will join the ranks of infoDev’s Donors Committee, which currently includes European Commission, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the World Bank and IFC.

About infoDev’s

infoDev is a global program, coordinated and served by an expert Secretariat housed in the Global ICT Department (GICT) of the World Bank, which focused on the use of ICT for development. infoDev sponsors cutting-edge research and analysis to help identify global best practice in the use of ICT4D. infoDev research includes mapping of ICT4D initiatives led by international development organizations and collecting best practices from those practitioners in the field.

About infoDev Business Incubation Program

infoDev currently supports a growing network of more than 170 business incubators in over 70 countries. Through this business incubator initiative, which was launched in 2002 with support from the Government of Japan, infoDev provides both financing and capacity building as well as regional and global networking that is facilitated through workshops, forums, and online communities of practice. More information available on:

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Ms. Ana Carrasco
Information for Development Program (infoDev)
Tel: + 1 (202) 458 5350

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