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Press Release: infoDev launches Workshop for East Europe and Central Asia (EECA) Regional Incubator Network

CYBERPARK and METUTECH will represent Turkey at the World Bank supported infoDev program

The Information for Development Program (infoDev) which supports a Business Incubation Initiative launches conference on ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship.

The conference, sponsored by the World Bank, lasts through 20 September. The main agenda item of the conference is the role of business development incubators and technoparks in innovation development and technology transfer in economies in transition. Turkey will be represented in the conference by technology centers, Metutech and Cyberpark, of METU and Bilkent University respectively.

Having supported more than 60 business incubators all around the world, and facilitated establishment of 5 regional networks at Africa, Asia, East Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, infoDev provides services through these networks on financial and technical assistance, information sharing and networking, monitoring and assessment and difficulties and exploration of opportunities. Having been founded by the ECAbit network in which countries in transition to market economy are members, infoDev also provides information sharing and networking through its Incubator Support Center between incubator professionals.
Training and consulting for SMEs.

Among major activities of the ECAbit network which promoted infoDev are technology transfers to business world from international science and academic societies, rural innovation and incubation, youth and women entrepreneurship, financing mechanisms for innovation and networking and cooperation for SME training and consulting.
Specializing and focusing its business development incubators and technoparks services on market needs and innovation development programs, the EECA Region has incubators in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Turkey. Ankara Cyberpark and Metutech have assumed incubators in Turkey.

Ankara Cyberpark technology incubator facilitates a grant program for research and development groups, technology-based new companies and SMEs. Metutech technopark on the other hand facilitates a grant program of capacity development purposes to encourage and accelerate establishment of technology-based, innovative, high growth potential new enterprises.

What is an incubator?

An organizational structure widely used internationally that provides entrepreneurs with speed, facilitation, efficiency, alternative, agility, transparency, creativeness and resilience to implement their projects

Note: Original Press Release is available in Turkish

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