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Vietnam Climate Innovation Center Business Plan

infoDev's Climate Technology Program is proud to share its business plan for the launch of a Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Vietnam. The business plan is the result of a 2-month market analysis which engaged over 100 local stakeholders to determine the focus, implementation strategy, investment requirements and impact of the CIC.

The new technologies, financing sources and business models addressing climate change create an historic opportunity for economic growth and job creation. infoDev worked with more than 200 Vietnamese stakeholders to design a Climate Innovation Center (CIC) that will accelerate the domestic development, deployment and transfer of climate technology solutions. infoDev’s Anthony Lambkin led the 6-month market analysis and stakeholder engagement efforts to tailor the CIC to the needs of the Vietnamese climate innovation ecosystem.

The CIC in Vietnam is one of seven that infoDev is launching worldwide through its Climate Technology Program. These centers are located in developing countries, where there exists both significant demand for emerging climate technologies and a challenging environment for their successful commercialization. The CICs will leverage the operational agility, profit motivation, and local expertise of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to help countries maximize climate technology opportunities and achieve green growth objectives.

The Business Plan Annexes include proprietary information and as such are not publically posted. Please contact a member of the Climate Technology team if you would like access. 

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