Green Business: Fi...

Green Business: Fire Without the Smoke

Ghana Climate Innovation Center

Climate change could have a significant impact on Ghana’s economy. Coastal erosion from rising sea levels could result in significant loss of land and forced migration, while extreme weather events could strain the country’s infrastructure. 

To reduce the long-term costs of climate change and create opportunities for sustainable growth, the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) provides local companies with the knowledge and resources they need to develop, scale, and market innovative products and services in sectors like climate-smart agriculture, waste water treatment, and off-grid renewable energy. 

One of these companies, Global Bamboo, has developed a way to turn bamboo into charcoal. Compared to firewood and other fossil fuels, these green briquettes burn longer, develop more heat, and are completely smokeless. This solution helps preserve forests, cut emissions, and reduce the serious health risks connected to indoor fires.

In the video below, Gloria Asare Adu and Marigold Adu talk about their innovative company and how GCIC is helping them grow their business across the country.


Supported by the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands, the GCIC is managed by a consortium led by the Ashesi University College with Ernst & Young, SNV Netherlands Development Organization, and the United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa.

The GCIC is part of the infoDev's Climate Technology Program and its global network of Climate Innovation Centers. Other centers have been established in the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, and Vietnam.

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